Thank you all for coming last night and making the event such a success. I’ll be loading up the pictures and video over the next few days – so complete the ‘Subscribe to our Blog’ box to the right to receive notification of this.

In the meantime, here are the answers to the quiz.

1. In which century did Samuel Taylor Coleridge live in Nether Stowey? 18th
2. Oare Church was the fictional location in which R. D. Blackmore novel? Lorna Doone
3. What safety device did Coleridge’s friend, Sir Humphry Davy, invent? Miners Safety Lamp
4. What type of animals are rarer than pandas on the Exmoor hills? Exmoor Ponies
5. In which decade (20th century) did the Lynmouth flood disaster occur? 1950s
6. Xanadu is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Where is it? (Name the country please) Mongolia (Inner)
7. What flower did Coleridge’s friend, William Wordsworth, famously write an ode to? Daffodil
8. ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ was the first studio album for which 80s pop group? Frankie Goes to Hollywood
9. The Quantocks are an AONB. What do the letters ‘AONB’ stand for? Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
10. Scientist Andrew Crosse lived nearby. His electrical experiments inspired which famous gothic horror novel? Frankenstein (The Modern Prometheus)
11. What logo does the Coleridge Way use on the signposts for the route? Quill/Feather
12. There are poems to be read along the route by way of QR barcodes. What does ‘QR’ stand for? Quick Response
Tie-breaker – How many calories did I burn walking the Coleridge Way? 14.200