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Is the Coleridge Way Dog Friendly

Is the Coleridge Way dog friendly? You bet it is.

I walked the route three times to write the Companion Guide and each time I took my black Labrador, Ozy, with me along all 51 miles of the path.

Of course, taking your canine companion with you on any holiday takes planning, but so does walking a […]

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Exmoor Tourism Conference

The Exmoor Tourism Conference run by Visit Exmoor took place yesterday at the Beach Hotel in Minehead.

The ‘Coleridge Way’ had a stand and Ian Pearson (Coleridge Way Companion Guide) and Damon Wilcox (Encounter Walking Holidays) attended to man the table and tell the 100 or so attendees all about the Coleridge Way.

We even managed to […]

Coleridge Way Public Transport

Quite a large percentage of Coleridge Way walkers want to arrive, not by car, but using public transport – so how easy is it to get to the start of the walk?

Coleridge Way Public Transport

For the purpose of this blog I am assuming that those intrepid travellers will start from Nether Stowey. It feels natural […]

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Best Time to Walk the Coleridge Way

When is the best time to walk the Coleridge Way?

The Coleridge Way is an all-year path and suitable for any time of the year. Having said that there are times that may suit certain walkers better.

Spring (March, April, May): 

When the days start getting longer this is a lovely time to walk the route; flowers coming […]

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National Toothache Day

National Toothache Day – A Monksilver Gargoyle
I see from my diary that it is National Toothache Day today (9th February) and, coincidentally, this fact finds its way into the Coleridge Way Companion Guide.

During my visit to Monksilver I was intrigued at the gargoyle on the church which depicted a man with his mouth open filled […]

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Coleridge Way Geocaching

Coleridge Way Geocaching – What’s it all about?
I’ve been asked whether there are any geocaching sites along the Coleridge Way and for once have been stumped.

Not being a geocacher I wasn’t quite sure what it was all about. So I have been immersing myself in a modern treasure hunt.

For all of you who are as […]

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Domesday Book

The Domesday Book has cropped up twice in the last couple of weeks. Firstly, one kind reader of the Coleridge Way Companion Guide noticed that I had misspelt the name, calling it the Doomsday Book. This has now been corrected, but my mistake prompted me to research the spelling and it appears that whilst there […]

Thank you all for coming last night and making the event such a success. I’ll be loading up the pictures and video over the next few days – so complete the ‘Subscribe to our Blog’ box to the right to receive notification of this.

In the meantime, here are the answers to the quiz.

1. In which […]

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The Coleridge Way Guide Story

The Coleridge Way Guide Story
The Coleridge Way Companion Guide has arrived from the printers! So here’s the Coleridge Way Guide story…

Twenty-one months in the making, 40,000 words in the typing, 642 hours in the writing, 162 miles in the walking, 18 pubs in the sampling, 17 titanium screws in the arm… and one book.

In November […]

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