Day 5 – Lynmouth to Porlock Weir

Although, I say this is day five, I met up yesterday with Chris McCooey, a freelance journalist and writer. Chris walked the Coleridge Way with me when it first opened and I was very happy when he accepted my invitation to walk the route again to include the extension.

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Day 4 – Porlock to Lynmouth

Now getting into the swing of the walk along the Coleridge Way, awake at dawn, planning, full English breakfast and then onto the trail.

However, before setting off today we popped into Porlock TIC to meet with Ruth Hyatt…

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Day 3 – Wheddon Cross to Porlock

Our first stop out of Wheddon Cross along the Coleridge Way was Wootton Courtenay where the path just clips the village on its way up to the higher parts of Exmoor. Here we met Yvonne Gay who operates a personal development and mentoring service, often taking her clients into the hills to extol the health […]

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Day 2 – Monksilver – Wheddon Cross

We posted yesterday’s blog from the Notley Arms just before the Stogumber Church Choir descended upon us. They seemed polite enough, until the red wine started to flow and then all hell broke loose

– probably the fault of Val, the vicar!

If you’re looking for a quiet night out, then avoid choir annual nights’ out…

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Day 1 – Nether Stowey to Monksilver

The sun was shining as we set out this morning on what promised to be a glorious day’s walking along the Coleridge Way.
We started at Coleridge Cottage, the official start of the trail and headed into Nether Stowey with the village just coming to life. We’d had an eighteenth century breakfast of ‘furmity’, an […]

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31.05.14 The Night Before

Welcome to our first blog of our week-long journey along the Coleridge Way.

I was fortunate enough to be given a private tour of Coleridge’s Cottage here in Nether Stowey by Ian Faris, a volunteer at the Cottage and a keen Coleridge devotee. Each week, Ian dons the guise of James Walsh, the Government spy who resided in […]

Coleridge Way – 1 week to go

With less than a week to go, I am looking forward to the ‘Big Walk’ along the Coleridge Way although this will be a series of little walks given that I still have my arm immobilised after the accident.

This week I have been finalising the interviews with the great and the good along the route.

Chris […]

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Coleridge Way – 2 weeks to go

Some things are sent to try us and the events of these last ten days are an extreme example of this.

Two Mondays ago I was on my bicycle on my way to interview Georgie Grant who was then the head of the Coleridge Way extension committee, based at the AONB office at Fine Court in […]

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Coleridge Way – 3 weeks to go

So much work has gone into making the Coleridge Way work, that it really deserves a very special guide.

Undertaking the research for the companion guide to the Coleridge Way has allowed me really get to grips with the life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge when he lived in Nether Stowey in the Quantock Hills and I […]

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Coleridge Way – 4 weeks to go

The Coleridge Way guide is coming on a pace with and this week I met up with David Worthy who is the expert on the history of the Quantocks – What he doesn’t know about the Quantock Hills is not worth knowing or in his three books on the area.

However, this week’s meeting was to […]