Since 2016 the Coleridge Way Companion Guide has looped the route back to Nether Stowey via the England Coast Path. A new 15 mile route now links the coast to Nether Stowey and the Companion Guide has just been updated to include this new route.

For those with the old guide the directions are as follows:


This part of the route follows the new Castles and Coast Way.

From the beach, pass the outfall sewer and head inland at an England Coast Path sign – Stolford 6 miles. Branch left after 50 yards into the Lilstock Estate. Go through the Bristol gate and head diagonally uphill (twice). At the end of this large field, IGNORE the continuation of the coast path and take the gate in the top right hand corner to join a very straight hedged green lane for a mile.

After a mile and on reaching a wood on the left (Honibere) turn left to follow the tree line and small brook on your right. Pass through a gate and head towards a further gate 400 yards in the distance, straight ahead. Turn right up Culver Street Lane and when the lane bends to the left take the kissing gate (KG) on the left hand side and continue straight ahead keeping a field boundary on your right to exit via an further KG. Continue through the next field to exit by a cream bungalow. Cross the lane, up the steps and turn right to follow the field edge on your right through a 90 degree corner to a KG. Do the same in the next field.

Cross the road at Burton Springs and follow the left hand track through a Bristol gate. Over a stile and concrete bridge (IGNORE the KG in the corner) and turn right to follow the left hand field boundary. Go through the next gate and field keeping left and ahead. Pass through two sets of double kissing gates and finally pass though a gate on an opposite field edge.

Take the alleyway between gardens and at the road turn left, then swing right into Town Close and then Vicarage Road, passing the telephone box on the left.

Here the Castles and Coast Walk heads in both directions. We detour into the village to pick up the western path later on.

At the main road, head left into the village. Pass the Acland Hood Arms and the turning to the Greyhound pub and at the end of the square take the road to the right, Castle Street.


At Castle Street, head towards the castle. At the end of the right hand pavement, opposite the corrugated red and green barns, take the narrow path on the right, up the steps and cross the moat. Follow the moat round to the right. Cross the stream, through a kissing gate and keep to the right hand field boundary. IGNORE the path diagonally left after 100 yards.

At the next KG, IGNORE the KG on the right and head diagonally left though a path of woodland scrub. Ahead through double KGs. At the final KG on this side of the stream, continue in the same direction but in the field to the right. Take a KG after 50 yards, over a plank bridge, to follow a left hand field boundary all the way to Durborough Farm.

At a farm track turn left, cross a bridge and then right through a gate. Head straight ahead to the right of an electricity pylon. At a main farm track and head diagonally left into a field. Head straight towards the right hand end of a hedge in the distance. Through the kissing gate at the top and continue in the same direction to a further KG. Then head slightly left to meet the internal corner of a field. Continue along the right hand boundary to a large gate. Here, head diagonally left (but to the right of the tree) uphill. At the brow of the hill continue diagonally left to exit via a gate some 100 yards to the left of the farm buildings.

Thought the KG and turn sharp right, passing the farm. Continue in the same direction through the next field to meet the A39. Cross the main road obliquely right and follow the grassy track, again slightly to the right. Go through the gate, onto the Village Hall drive and then down to turn left into the village itself by the Ancient Mariner pub.