Coleridge Way Public Transport

Quite a large percentage of Coleridge Way walkers want to arrive, not by car, but using public transport – so how easy is it to get to the start of the walk?

Coleridge Way Public Transport

For the purpose of this blog I am assuming that those intrepid travellers will start from Nether Stowey. It feels natural […]

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31.05.14 The Night Before

Welcome to our first blog of our week-long journey along the Coleridge Way.

I was fortunate enough to be given a private tour of Coleridge’s Cottage here in Nether Stowey by Ian Faris, a volunteer at the Cottage and a keen Coleridge devotee. Each week, Ian dons the guise of James Walsh, the Government spy who resided in […]

Coleridge Way – 4 weeks to go

The Coleridge Way guide is coming on a pace with and this week I met up with David Worthy who is the expert on the history of the Quantocks – What he doesn’t know about the Quantock Hills is not worth knowing or in his three books on the area.

However, this week’s meeting was to […]

Coleridge Way – 5 weeks to go

As with any long distance path the planning stage is very important and we’ve been phoning around this week to book all six nights of our planned walk on 1st June 2014 along the extended Coleridge Way to Lynton.

We found all the accommodation providers along the Coleridge Way to be very friendly – especially as […]