Castles and Coast Way

Since 2016 the Coleridge Way Companion Guide has looped the route back to Nether Stowey via the England Coast Path. A new 15 mile route now links the coast to Nether Stowey and the Companion Guide has just been updated to include this new route.

For those with the old guide the directions are as follows:


The Walker

The Coleridge Way ends at Lynmouth (or begins there) after its 51 mile journey from Nether Stowey where Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived in the late eighteenth century. Not only does The Coleridge Way end there, but it’s also the termination of The Two Moors Way and The Tarka Trail where they all meet The South […]

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Kubla Khan

Last year, the BBC’s Inside Out West took a stroll along the Coleridge Way with Ian and Ozy to celebrate the bicentenary of Coleridge’s ‘dream’ poem Kubla Khan.

It was two hundred years since Coleridge published Kubla Khan and gave some indication of the history behind it.

The poem was written in the summer of 1797, the […]

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Coleridge Way Companion Guide Second Edition

When I wrote the original guide, it was always my intention to write the Coleridge Way Companion Guide Second Edition extending the path back to Nether Stowey via the new England Coast Path. This was only made possible when the Somerset section of the coast path opened last year meaning that the route could be […]

Returning from the Coleridge Way

It’s always good to meet people returning from the Coleridge Way walk after having waved them off a few days beforehand.

These two – the Cockle party of two – set off on Thursday, 4th August returning today (8th) after having finished the route in four days.

They said they had a good time, only getting lost […]

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Coleridge Way How to Pack a Rucksack

I came across a very interesting article on the Cotswold Outdoor site about how to pack a rucksack (See article here). Whilst a good rucksack is important for any long-distance path – packing it properly is equally important.

Now, I am of the ‘the lighter the better’ school and managed to squeeze everything I needed for […]

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Cows on the Coleridge Way

The Coleridge Way passes through any number of fields and some of these will contain livestock. While you are unlikely (or very unlucky) to mauled by a marauding sheep, cows are slightly more daunting. So what should you do when you encounter cows on the Coleridge Way

Cows are a big when you get up close […]

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Is the Coleridge Way Dog Friendly

Is the Coleridge Way dog friendly? You bet it is.

I walked the route three times to write the Companion Guide and each time I took my black Labrador, Ozy, with me along all 51 miles of the path.

Of course, taking your canine companion with you on any holiday takes planning, but so does walking a […]

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Exmoor Tourism Conference

The Exmoor Tourism Conference run by Visit Exmoor took place yesterday at the Beach Hotel in Minehead.

The ‘Coleridge Way’ had a stand and Ian Pearson (Coleridge Way Companion Guide) and Damon Wilcox (Encounter Walking Holidays) attended to man the table and tell the 100 or so attendees all about the Coleridge Way.

We even managed to […]

Coleridge Way Public Transport

Quite a large percentage of Coleridge Way walkers want to arrive, not by car, but using public transport – so how easy is it to get to the start of the walk?

Coleridge Way Public Transport

For the purpose of this blog I am assuming that those intrepid travellers will start from Nether Stowey. It feels natural […]

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