So much work has gone into making the Coleridge Way work, that it really deserves a very special guide.

Undertaking the research for the companion guide to the Coleridge Way has allowed me really get to grips with the life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge when he lived in Nether Stowey in the Quantock Hills and I have met so many interesting people who have given up their valuable time to speak to me and prove the flesh on the bones of the bare facts about the route.

Chris Edwards from the Quantocks AONB in pensive mode

Chris Edwards from the Quantocks AONB in pensive mode

This week I met up with Chris Edwards the Manager of the Quantocks AONB who has a great passion for the Quantocks and, with 25 years of experience, probably remembers their formation in the Devonian period, some 416million years ago. Chris reminded me of the story of Andrew Crosse, the Quantock ‘gentleman scientist’ who experimented with electricity and who, very probably, gave Mary Shelley the idea for Frankenstein.

As the date for the walk gets nearer the preparations get more focused. The rucksack is now out of the loft and thought is going into how much we need to take with us. Lynne keeps on about getting luggage transfer and this is certainly worth considering and many people use this service when walking along the Coleridge Way – in fact I’ve dropped bags off twice in the last ten days. Let’s see how heavy the bags are.

We’ve just ordered the fleeces and a new bandana for Ozy – hopefully these will arrive before the big day. So, until then, remember to follow this blog and us on Twitter for updates on the preparation for the big #coleridgeway walk.