The Coleridge Way guide is coming on a pace with and this week I met up with David Worthy who is the expert on the history of the Quantocks – What he doesn’t know about the Quantock Hills is not worth knowing or in his three books on the area.

Ian Pearson with Nether Stowey Castle in the background

Selfie with Nether Stowey Castle in the background on the Coleridge Way

However, this week’s meeting was to discuss one of the Quantocks’ more discreditable historical events – the murder of Jane Shorney in 1789 and David was the man to take me through the events of that fateful day. However, the recent history was even more startling with the ghost of Jane Shorney still very much in evidence at the murder site – you’ll have to read the guide to get the full story of David’s encounter with her.

As part of the preparation for our 100 mile walk along the Coleridge Way, we are getting fit. This means longer than usual dog walks and getting out onto the hills at every opportunity. Ozy is now eleven and while he’s as fit as a flea, we thought it would do no harm for him to have an MOT. Ozy hates the vets, but came out with flying colours and a clean bill of health (and a £55 bill!).

I am reading prodigious numbers of books on Coleridge, the Quantocks and Exmoor looking for the quirky, amusing and mystical facts about the area and the people who lived here. Somerset Folk Tales by Sharon Jacksties has proved to be a most enjoyable read with tales of dragons and fairy gold abound. Just a tip here- don’t trust the fairies, they tend to over promise and under-deliver!

Finally, I’ve just been trying out the new digital voice recorder and software for my tablet. Both appear to be working well and here is our first Coleridge Way Walk audioblog…

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Looking forward to the next  four weeks!