With less than a week to go, I am looking forward to the ‘Big Walk’ along the Coleridge Way although this will be a series of little walks given that I still have my arm immobilised after the accident.

This week I have been finalising the interviews with the great and the good along the route.

From Chris Jelley's blog

From Chris Jelley’s blog

Chris Jelley of Storywalks has agreed to meet me at Webbers Post to discuss the importance of modern poetry along the Coleridge Way and to hopefully read some of his latest works.

Yvonne Gay of Defining Moments in Wootton Courtenay will be extolling the psychological benefits of long distance walking and how exercise helps your mental well-being.

Phil Taylor who was instrumental in getting the Coleridge Way extended to Lynton and who is now chair of the steering committee is being tracked down and I am hopeful of being able to interview him later in the week.

The bags are being packed, Ozy’s food weighed and the weather forecast studied with increasing seriousness – We’re good to go!