Some things are sent to try us and the events of these last ten days are an extreme example of this.

Two Mondays ago I was on my bicycle on my way to interview Georgie Grant who was then the head of the Coleridge Way extension committee, based at the AONB office at Fine Court in the middle of the Quantocks.

A fine day after heavy rain and a very nice ride, and then disaster struck and I came off the bike. Luckily, I was not too far from the AONB office and managed to walk there.

Even a broken arm can't stop me walking the Coleridge Way!

Even a broken arm can’t stop me walking the Coleridge Way!

Unfortunately, after a trip to A&E theĀ arm was pronounced broken, and this week just passed has been re-set, pinned and put to rights. However, while all his has been happening, the Coleridge Way Walk plans were held in abeyance until some sort of prognosis was in place.

It is now obvious that being the first person to walk it, as part of the guide will have to change. Other than that, nothing else will and we shall be setting off on Sunday, 1st June as planned.

Ian Pearson