The Exmoor Tourism Conference run by Visit Exmoor took place yesterday at the Beach Hotel in Minehead.

The ‘Coleridge Way’ had a stand and Ian Pearson (Coleridge Way Companion Guide) and Damon Wilcox (Encounter Walking Holidays) attended to man the table and tell the 100 or so attendees all about the Coleridge Way.

We even managed to video a bit of it …

The background noise makes it a bit difficult to hear both Rachael and Damon – but , hey, that’s because so many people attended and were having a good time.

Rachael from Channel Training told us that she had walked the whole of the old, 36 mile route, in one day and that she thought it would be possible to walk all 51 miles in a day – if you did it in mid-summer. Damon said that he had walked the path with his 70 year old dad – probably taking more than 24 hours!

A most enjoyable day allowing us exhibitors to meet new people and catch up with some old friends.

For those wanting the answers to the quiz:

  1. Where did Coleridge Live at the end of the 18th Century? Nether Stowey
  2. How long is the Coleridge Way? 51 miles
  3. Where does the Coleridge Way now end (east to west)? Lynmouth
  4. What type of bird did the Ancient Mariner shoot? Albatross
  5. What is the name of the range of hills in the middle of the path? The Brendons
  6. Where did Kubla Khan build his ‘pleasuredome’? Xanadu

The winner was Ben Totterdell